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Jul 21, 2023

Thanks for joining me again in The Wellbeing Garden.

Today’s short and sweet episode has a few tips for growing healthy food in pots and containers.

I’ve grown food in bathtubs, wheelbarrow, buckets and always recycled or upcycled items that I think would look good or suit growing edible crops.

Here’s my tips for healthy potted plants;

  • Keep the soil in containers healthy through each season by topping it up. The soil level can drop in containers, so top up with fresh potting mix.
  • Add a small amount of slow release fertiliser to all potted plants every season, and then apply a deep watering.
  • A fortnightly application of liquid fertiliser gives plants the nutrients needed to produce an abundance of crops and flowers. Apply all over soil AND foliage.
  • Check roots of plants in pots/containers. If they’re looking all tangled and overgrown then it’s time to pot up to a larger size pot or container and add fresh potting mix.
  • Prune any damaged, diseased or overgrown foliage off potted plants to encourage healthy new growth.
  • If ants have moved into your pots then the soil could be very dry. Place the whole pot and plant in a large bucket of water and soak for about 20 minutes. This gives the soil and roots a good soaking of water. Then apply any extra potting mix or compost to top up the soil level.


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Thank You for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden.

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