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Mar 14, 2018

There’s a few things that give us gardeners grief and one of those are the weeds that run rampant through our garden areas!

Weed control is an important part of nurturing a garden, as weeds that get out of hand can create long term problems in our own gardens and also in natural bush areas.

We don’t want these unwanted plants (that’s all weeds are) growing in our gardens, pathways and around trees, so by following simple solutions to remove them and also reduce the possibility of them growing back is a priority for gardeners.

In this episode ‘Simple Solutions for Weed Control’ I provide quick and easy to follow solutions to naturally control weeds in your gardens.

We cover;

  • Hand removal is always the best option
  • How weeds spread everywhere
  • No chemicals…OK!!
  • A quick and easy method is by sheet mulching areas
  • A few natural products that can be applied to weeds


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I’m sure you’ll reduce your weed problems by following these simple solutions!

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