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Join Horticulturist and Therapeutic Horticulture specialist, Cath Manuel, for simple ideas and inspirations to improve health and wellbeing from plants, nature and fun gardening activities.

In each episode, Cath shares simple ideas for gardening to improve health and wellbeing, interviews specialists on topics covering gardening, health care and wellbeing and also 'Simple Solutions' episodes to solve your common gardening problems.

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Jul 27, 2017

In the Back to Basics Series I’ll share the common basics for gardening, many of the gardening words and methods, equipment that’s used and ways to get started.

This information is part of the ‘5 Steps to become a Savvy Gardener Online Course.

In this episode I’m sharing some common growing methods that you’ll use in the garden.

These are the fun, hands-on activities that you’ll enjoy!!

So let’s dig in…

Here’s some extra information that I refer to through the episode…

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Enjoy this episode and harvest lots of great tips. Plus revisit past episodes for other great ideas!

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