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Jul 7, 2017

The benefits of gardening activities and a connection with nature have been documented since ancient times.

Anyone who has enjoyed getting their hands in the dirt, body in the sunshine or even smelt a flower understands the complete joy in being outdoors.

In this episode I’m joined by Anna Baker Cresswell, who is the Development Director of HighGround, UK’s leading charity successfully delivering Horticultural Therapy to seriously injured members of the British Armed Forces.

We discuss…

  • How Anna began her journey into Horticultural Therapy.
  • Honouring her mother through gardening programs.
  • Forming a charity which lead to the establishment of HighGround.
  • The wonderful success stories of patients through the rehabilitation program.
  • Activities that patients are involved in.
  • The fantastic win at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.
  • Moving to new grounds at Stanford Hall and establishing new landscapes.
  • How we can support HighGround through financial assistance.

This is an incredible important program for these injured servicemen and women and is an integral part of their rehabilitation process, physical and emotionally.

Find out more about HighGround and how you can support them…

For more information on Horticultural Therapy Programs visit

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed this episode as much as I did!

Thanks for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden and see you again next time,